The Stream of Conciousness

The Stream of Consciousness

“One thought follows another, without hesitation. The thought arises, it doesn’t wait to arise. As when you clap your hands, the sound issues, without hesitation. When you strike flint, the spark comes out. It doesn’t wait to come out. And that means, that there’s no block. So “thought, thought, thought” describes what we call in our world “the stream of consciousness”. Blocking consists in letting the stream become connected. Chained together. In such a way, that when the present thought arises, it seems to be dragging its past. Or resisting its future. Saying… “I don’t want to go!”. When then the connection… the dragging of these thoughts… drops, you’ve broken the chain of Karma.”

(by Alan Watts, The Taoist Way II from “The Essential Lectures”)


Zugspitze Glacier

These are the remains of the once largest glacier in the bavarian Alps, the “Schneeferner”, shot a few summers ago (german:  Schnee = Snow, Ferner = Glacier, i.e. snow glacier). The Platt or Zugspitzplatt is a plateau below the summit of the Zugspitze to the south and southeast which lies at a height of between 2,000 and 2,650 m (6,560 and 8,690 ft). The Platt was completely covered by the glacier for the last time at the beginning of the 19th century. Today 52% of it consists of scree, 32% of bedrock and 16% of vegetation-covered soils. Here are a few pictures of the glacier around 1900… it’s still melting… discussions are if it’s because of the climate change in general or only due to its exposure to the sun and little snow input by avalanches.